Our crews are English speaking-you will have no communication problems!

My wife and I will personally supervise the cleaning of Residential Homes.  You put your home in our trust.....set up an interview and you will be confident that you have chosen the right people to entrust the care of your precious residence!

Cleaner with Green.....

            Residential Cleaning
When people walk into your home we want them to know it is "Cleaner with Green".  The overall cleaning quality, indoor air quality, the healthy environment, and the knowledge that your cleaning service is conscious of everyone's responsiblity to have a minimally negative impact ecologically.
We streamline our cleaning operation, so you are receiving professional cleaning at a reasonable price.
How we make it
 Cleaner with Green . . .
We use HEPA filtration back pack vacuums-they provide easy accessibility to high places to remove cobwebs and tops of fans, stairways and free us up to move quickly and efficiently.  We also use Water-Filtration Vacuum Cleaners when needed for post construction cleanup or for individuals with severe allergies.  These trap the soil particles in water, keeping them from being airborne and protecting indoor air quality.  Our vacuuming leaves a fresh clean scent to the air.
Dusting & Polishing:
Our wood and counter surfaces are cleaner using compounds that contain no volatile organic compounds, carcinogens, or endocrine disruptors which can harm glands, hormones, or other body functions.  Our products perform as well, if not better than comparable non-green products.


 Most importantly showers, bathtubs,sinks, and commodes are scrubbed and sanitized--YES!  The green way sanitizes naturally and hazard free, without contaminating our precious water supply.  And you will appreciate the fresh clean smell that will not cause lung or airway irratation. 

We will customize our cleaning to your needs.

Kitchen Cleaning:

Clean countertops, appliances, microwave-inside and out, Stove, Refrigerator and cabinets-the Green way.  Dishwasher, sink, and flooring will look and smell better too!

General Cleaning:

Empty waste baskets; floors, carpets & upholstery cleaned and routinely maintained; polish furniture  and ledges, dust and handle with care nick-naks and valuables.  Picture frames and shelving-  We do it all, top to bottom!

We are fully Insured and Bonded

You are protected by our trustworthy Crew......

How are we different?

We do not bring dirty mops or other soiled equipment from one home to another.....we follow instructions and clean what and how you want it done-we listen to what is important to you!

........and we get down 

on our hands and knees!

Call us to set up an appointment to show you how we will clean your home with the experience of many years behind us . . .You will also be delighted to find that we are more affordable than most services . . .

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